Science For Kids Academy introduces  kids from Year 3 to STEAM fundamentals through hands-on and outcome based only activities. We offer a range of after-school sessions among Game Design, Robotics, Digital Illustration, Photo editing, Animation, Graphic Design, Space Exploration. The variety and practical nature of the courses provided, give our students a meaningful introduction to technology aiming to develop their analytical and problem solving skills.


Outcome-based Learning

During our classrooms, students learn iteratively from a series of dedicated tasks and problems to solve within small targeted projects. This allows our students to develop their problem solving skills and critical thinking by directing their attention on simple yet measurable outcomes while improving on their hard skills.

Collaborative Experience

All activities run at SFK are done collaboratively. This important component of our educational scheme provides our students the opportunity to make new friends by working in small groups, while improving on their interpersonal and leadership skills.

Green-fields projects

Green-field projects are at the center of SFK Academy’s educational offering. All classes are run using the latest technologies and industry best practices to provide our students the most up-to-date and valuable knowledge per subject. Projects are defined per term and designed to be fun and engaging. 

Expert Mentorship

At SFK Academy we encourage our students to self-challenge throughout their activities in order to foster their self-confidence and self-esteem.  Leading questions or logical modeling strategies are just a few examples on how our students are guided to find answers and solutions by themselves.

Meet the Tutors


Pascal Renou

Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems Instructor

Principal Engineer, Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems Specialist. Pascal has over 20 years of  working for IT leading companies such as SAP, Ebay and Gumtree. Mathematics and Physics teacher of College and University students.


Natalia Maximoff

Graphic Design and  2D Animation Instructor

Natalia is a concept artist, children's books illustrator and animator, holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Media Arts has 13 years of experience in photography and illustration. 


Erica Scott

Game Design Instructor

STEAM administrator, holds degrees in physics and chemistry, M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, and Ph.D. in Science Education paired with teaching experience in the University of New South Wales.