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Introduction to 2D Animation

Bring your characters to life and animate them.

Ages 10 -15

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Course Information

This course will help students turn their drawings and ideas into smooth animations. This course will teach basic to advanced animation techniques with the goal of generating short videos

Develop an understanding of the storytelling and character animation process with the industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate and Toon Boom.


Students will learn how to bring characters to life. We’ll teach you a workflow that will take pre-rigged models and animate them in an original short sequence that tells a story.





What Students Learn

  • Design art and animation using drawing fundamentals

  • Practice visual storytelling through concepts and planning

  • We'll cover mouth shapes, layer placement, syncing an audio track to lips or creating your own audio for your puppet to voice, adding physics for more life-like movement, creating custom puppets and even walk cycles.​

 What Students Create

  • Develop a digital portfolio

  • A short animation showcasing their work

Hardware + Software: Adobe Animate, Toon Boom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Character Animator

Ages: 10 - 15
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