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Adobe Photoshop is the go-to photo editing and manipulation software on the market

Ages 11 -15


Course Information

In the modern world, proficiency with Photoshop is expected, just like reading or writing. You can't go wrong with developing your skills in this staple from Adobe!

Every image we see in media today is created using digital photography and image editing software. Whether students are considering a graphic design career or curious about how it all works this course will give them a deep dive into the fundamentals.





What Students Learn

  • Students will start out learning the fundamentals of photo editing and graphic design, using the Adobe Photoshop and project-based learning. 

  • How to troubleshoot and fix a “bad photo”

  • Learn about composition, Lightning, Reflection, Shadows and more! 

  • Learn how to add text to images

  • Photo manipulation techniques

 What Students Create

  • Students will create a surrealist photo manipulation art that tells a story or a movie poster using provided materials.

Hardware + Software: Adobe Photoshop

Ages: 11 - 15
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