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Welcome to the SFK creative community !

We help schools and educators prepare students for the 21st-century with comprehensive and sustainable STEAM programs.



Students will learn the essential programming concepts and some advanced coding constructs, how to design and publish games in a collaborative and fun environment.  Age 8+



Students will become fluent in at least one programming language and learnt some of the most advanced concepts in game design using world-class development platform. Age 12+



During this course students will learn how to use their programming and engineering skills to build simple automates and thereafter design more complex and motion-activated. 

Age 8+



An introduction to digital illustration using drawing tablet. This course includes the study of illustration as visual interpretation of words, concepts, and ideas. Students learn basic software skills while developing drawing abilities in a digital environment. Age 9+


This courses will help students learn how to create their own original movies and discover the process of cartoon and character creation. Create characters and bring them to life, using production techniques such as timelines and keyframes. Age 7+


This course introduces students  to the basic principles and elements of graphic design by creating several different projects. They will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create and edit images, posters, logos, patterns, icons, and more.


Students will learn how to create beautiful digital photography and enhance imagery in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students will build up their digital photography techniques first, then transition to developing their software and editing skills.


 Discover the process of cartoon creation and character creation. Our digital story telling or animation courses will help you learn how to create your own original movies using professional software just like the pros.


Today web apps as well as digital games are ubiquitous and part of almost everyone's daily routine. We use them at home, in public transport and even at school, they are just everywhere!

Do you want to know how they really work or how to build them? Age 11+

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