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Digital Arts

Discover how to create digital artworks and create your portfolio.

Holiday Camps  | Extracurricular | Ages 10 -13

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Course Information

Bring your imagination to life in vivid detail, while developing your digital art skills!

Students will learn the fundamentals of digital illustration, using the industry’s leading software  Adobe Photoshop, Wacom tablet and project-based learning.

Students will create a portfolio of illustrations and develop a final project piece. 


Digital Illustration courses prepare students with the skills they will need working in a professional animation and design environment. The course allows students to get understanding of the digital illustration world by exploring professional workflows as they develop  illustration skills by working on original projects.





What Students Learn

  • Core principles of digital illustration and how to use Adobe Photoshop to achieve their vision

  • Develop concept sketches & turn It Into a digital illustration

  • Learn the basics of digital coloring

  • Learn about character creation and composition

 What Students Create

  • A portfolio of Digital illustrations

  • Students will illustrate a classic story, providing a personal vision of the text through their images 

Hardware + Software: Adobe Photoshop,  Wacom Drawing Tablet

Ages: 10 - 13
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