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Game Development

Design and Build Your Own Game.

Ages 9 -15


Intro to Game Design (Beginner) 


This course offers a great introduction to the principles of game design, coding and publishing. Intro. to Game Design course gives you a great taste of what it's like to design a video game and discover what makes a game 'fun'.


Students will discover the world of game development and learn key game design principles including game theory, character creation, digital storytelling, and publishing. You’ll build and customize game elements and practice problem-solving. 


What Students Learn

• How to create game elements, such as characters and game items.
• Foundational game design principles
• Interactive storytelling, game design, character creation and publishing
• The design thinking process to unleash your inner designer
• How to build various mobile games

What Students Create

• Original and playable 2D puzzle games
• Backgrounds and characters
• Several coding scripts

Hardware + Software: Tynker and Game Maker

Ages: 9 - 12
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Game Design (Advanced) 


This hands-on course is for aspiring game programmers who want to learn how to develop video games. Go from game-player to game-maker with Unity and C#, and get a taste of real-world software development as you develop a 3D game! 


 Using world-class gaming development platforms, students will have fun learning how to create game elements, such as characters and other graphical items but also learn the fundamentals of game coding, interactive storytelling, advanced concepts in game design, character creation and publishing.


What Students Learn

• Game design processes
• How to troubleshoot errors and solve logical problems
• Use game objects, models, and levels to create game environments
• Think in 3D to create interactive experiences
• Develop coding and design skills

What Students Create

• Unity 3D environments and scripts
• Build your own game project 


Hardware + Software: Unity 

Ages: 12 - 15
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