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What if my child doesn't like reading?

Why children don't like to read or "Gadgets are to blame".

In terms of entertainment and knowledge gadgets are competitive alternatives to books. In the good old days, we could see the world map only in an atlas, today the internet offers us a colorful interactive 3D model. An answer to any question is only a couple of clicks away. You don't have to read Jules Verne to go on an imaginary journey - you can just watch a BBC or a National Geographic movie.

As difficult as it may be to accept, our childhood was very different from from the way kids live today. A couple of decades ago kids were scolded for reading under the blankets with a flashlight, today parents confiscate tablets. It is important to remember that technology, like reading, can provide both education and entertainment. But only parents can maintain the balance.

What to do if your child does not like to read

Do you often read books? Does your child see you reading books? The example of parents is important for children. Parents should set an example by not using their own devices so often.

Some families have a tradition of the book hour when everyone picks up books, discusses what they read, and shares their thoughts. For a little extra motivation, create a family library and arrange a cozy reading space. Go to a bookstore or select books online together.

Give your child some pocket money to create his own reading list. Suggest reading books of different styles and genres, from science fiction to biographies.

Watch movie adaptations before or after reading - compare and share your opinions.

In a perfect world, reading should be entirely voluntary

What not to do

Do not compare your child to other children or to yourself as a child. Interest in books is influenced by the reading culture in the family.

Do not to criticize your child's choice, discuss why he is interested in a story.

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