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Build and Program Your Own Robot.

Ages 9 -12


Course Information

Learn the basics of robotics and coding. Students will build and program robots which they will use to complete a series of challenges. Students will discover an easy-to-use programming language that lets students immediately begin simple robotics programming and then advance into developing more complex algorithms.

This course focuses on the engineering design process, building and programming using LEGO. Advanced extensions generally provide additional design, programming and building opportunities.





What Students Learn

  • Fundamental concepts in robotics

  • Computational thinking

  • Demonstrate fundamental programming concepts such as flow, sensor inputs, and motor outputs

  • How to troubleshoot errors and solve logical problems

 What Students Create

  • Students will learn how to use their programming and engineering skills to build simple automates and thereafter design more complex and motion-activated robots (Take-Home Item)

Ages: 9 - 12
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